We*Meat*Again Wants Your Stories!

15 Jun

We*Meat*Again has, over the last few months, featured a few guest posts from readers and friends telling the stories of how they became passionate about food. In case you missed them, you can read Marissa’s story, Steve’s story, and Liz’s story. I’ve truly loved seeing these — and a few others I’ve received in email that I hope to convert to blog posts in the coming weeks as well. And I want more!

Having written this blog for a little more than a year now, while simultaneously working on the book intensely for the first half of this year, I’ve discovered that the connective thread between the two projects, the thing that drives both and makes them, hopefully, relevant and interesting to readers, is the sense of community that emerges through food, and the sense of purpose so many of us have found in becoming intentional eaters. I’d really like this blog to serve as a community of its own, a place where we can come together to explore and discuss the complex ideas of food policy reform, share recipes, and discover what it means to care about food, today.

So this is an open call, to any and all out there, to find a way to tell your story, and possibly be featured in an upcoming post on We*Meat*Again. Whatever form your story takes, however amateur or gourmand you may be, whether you love or hate being called a foodie, we want it all! I don’t want anyone to sit this one out because they don’t feel their story has enough to it — the very notion behind my story was that I never thought much about food at all, until I did, and discovered just how big a part of my life it was, and should be.

Some ideas to get the brain juices flowing:

  • Tell your “How I Became a Foodie” story: Whether it’s a specific moment, or a lifelong reality, what made you passionate about food?
  • Tell us your going veg*n or becoming un-vegetarian story: Why did you go one way? What made you go back? What advice do you have to offer our readers?
  • Tell us a story of your favorite meal, or cooking achievement: Share a recipe and the story that makes it special.

If you’d like to submit your own post, here’s all you need to do:

  1. Write up the short story (100-500 words is the best length, but we can go up as high as 1,000 if need be) of your food journey. Feel free to be as personal, self-deprecating, inspirational, sarcastic or gross as you need to be!
  2. Anything goes — nothing is too small or tangental. (But please write something new — don’t just send us a link to an already-published post.)
  3. Email this story to us: marissa@wemeatagain.com. Use the title:WE MEAT AGAIN GUEST POST.
  4. If you have them, also send along 2 (or 3) photos to help illustrate your story (especially recipe posts)
  5. Include your contact information (name, what you’d like us to call you, blog address — if you have one, etc.)
  6. Be patient. I’ll get back to you ASAP — but publishing on the site may take several weeks.
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