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Five Ingredients or Less: Quick, Healthy Breakfasts

16 Apr

A spin on our traditional recipe post this week. I thought you all might appreciate knowing some of the simple ways of reforming your eating into a whole foods diet. This doesn’t always have to require a complete overhaul, as some things are incredibly easy to make at home.

So let’s start with the most important meal of the day: breakfast.

Despite all my efforts over the last few years towards eating better, some of my breakfast staples still relied on premade stuff, especially oatmeal and cereal. These meals are so fast and easy, I always just thought it would make more sense to buy them.

But then I started to think about what was really in all those foods, and where they came from.

My go-to oatmeal is Quaker Oats individual instant packages which contains several preservative ingredients. My favorite healthy cereals are all Kashi-brand — better than Frosted Flakes, for sure, but still a subsidiary brand of Kellogg’s (who makes Frosted Flakes) and still containing GMO-soy products and synthetic processing.

I decided to try and find a way to make my own cereal and oatmeal at home. To make it taste just as good, to keep it easy, and to keep it whole.


Here are my secrets…

Marissa’s Fruit & Nut Cereal

  • About a cup of naked granola (I use Back to Nature brand, but Bear Naked also makes some flavored varieties. Your local co-op may even make their own and sell it in bulk.*)
  • A handful of whole or slivered raw almonds (raw is important so you don’t get salt in your cereal — yuck!)
  • A few tablespoons of dried cranberries

*You could even go the extra step and make your own granola –it’s just rolled oats baked with some sweetener to crisp them up.

That’s it! I eat this almost every day now. It’s easy, delicious, and completely customizable. Switch out the nuts and fruits, add flax seed or puffed rice or bran flakes. Whatever you like best!

Homemade Cinnamon Spice Oatmeal

  • One serving’s worth of quick rolled oats, water and salt (cook according to package directions)
  • One heaping teaspoon of brown sugar
  • A liberal sprinkling of cinnamon
  • A swirl of maple syrup

Like my technical directions there? I recommend microwaving the oatmeal and then mixing in the spices for maximum flavor. Cinnamon spice is my favorite oatmeal flavor, but it’s super easy to figure out the Quaker recipes. I’ve also tried a teaspoon of honey, mixed with cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg and a splash of vanilla almond milk for “chai spice” oatmeal; or a tablespoon of cocoa powder and chunky peanut butter for mocha-nut oatmeal. Add chopped apples, bananas, berries, etc.

Both of these are delicious and incredibly easy, plus made with ingredients you can buy in bulk, so likely even cheaper than buying boxes. An added and unexpected bonus? These servings keep me fuller much longer into the morning than store-bought versions! Suffice it to say, I’m never going back.

Now I just have to tackle homemade English muffins…

What are your favorite easy, whole food breakfasts? Have you figured out your own versions of store-bought meals? Leave a comment and let us know what you think!


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